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Welcome to Elanora’s
Table Tennis Super Sessions

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S = Strategic

Means being smarter about how you play the game, developing the rally to dominate your opponents with less effort and make fewer unforced errors.

U = You

These sessions are tailored to your specific needs and proficiency level.

P = Process

Table tennis is a very technically demanding sport that requires a structured process to develop specific skills and abilities.

E = Errors

Reducing unforced errors is the first obstacle to mastery; be it on the return of serve, the 3rd ball attack or finishing off points.

R = Review

Each session is built on the feedback loop of Deliberate Practice Principles. Determining what is and what is not working for you specifically so we can systematically engineer breakthroughs for you.


Have you been playing or training for a while without a significant technical breakthrough?

Are you frustrated being beaten by similarly or lesser-ranked players knowing you should be winning?

Are you disappointed with your recent tournament match results, feeling like you're stuck in a rut?

Super Sessions are the key to creating your next performance breakthrough

Some table tennis players constantly improve their game and have the ranking to show for it while others struggle for years or even decades with little or no improvement.

Their ‘secret’ is that they tap into Deliberate Practice Principles, the foundational concept that creates Champions.

You can spend countless hours at the table hitting balls, but unless you have a proven system that works, you could be reinforcing a bad habit that makes things worse and a lot harder to get rid of.

Deliberate Practice is a methodology used by the best athletes in the world including Olympians, World Champions and Commonwealth Games Medallists.

Now you can tap into this powerful approach to either learn to play ‘ping pong’ kick start a new training regimen or achieve a ‘quantum leap’ forward to get to your next performance level.

The power of Deliberate Practice Principles is that they work for all age groups and player skill levels, regardless of fitness or physical ability. It's a framework, a process scientifically designed to make the most of every single minute you spend training.
Super Sessions are structured and designed with Deliberate Practice Principles in mind.

Concentration of focus is an important element to identify the quickest and easiest source of improvement so you can finally push through a physical, technical and/or psychological limit or barrier that is currently holding you back.
Easier said than done, which is why you need to be guided, mentored by an experienced facilitator and coach. Super Sessions are led by Dr Marc Dussault, the East Coast Squash Academy’s resident Peak Performance Strategist and a certified coach for both squash AND table tennis.
Each Super Session has a specific outcome with each drill, routine or exercise designed to focus on your specific skill/ability development combining movement with technical guidance under game and match-like scenarios.

These are short, high-intensity sessions to determine when or why your game 'breaks down' when you're under pressure or get tired. Unlike technical development coaching lessons, in Super Sessions you'll be playing with Marc and up to one other similarly ranked opponent to uncover where your next breakthrough will come from.


Leveraging multi-ball and robot training, you will have a wide variety of training options available to shorten your skill acquisition time, keep it fresh, fun and engaging.
High intensity play is synonymous with squad “pressure sessions” – Super Sessions will improve your fitness and match stamina and introduce you to advanced strategic elements of the game to get you to play smarter rather than harder. For once you'll understand how to make your opponents do more work than you as you hit fewer balls into the net and make a lot less unforced errors.
Super Sessions are designed to mimic long rallies where concentration and stamina come into play. Mental toughness principles will emerge as a key factor depending on your level of fitness and ambition.

Super Session Options


Table Tennis Super Sessions


Single Session

Table Tennis Super Sessions


5 Pack

Table Tennis Super Sessions


10 Pack


Super Sessions Benefits

Super Sessions are NOT for everyone. In fact, they are currently not available to Juniors. Check the list below to determine if they're appropriate for you now or later when you get stuck and want to create a breakthrough.

Super Sessions are perfect for you if you want to:

Make QUICK progress on specific aspects of your game.

Get match fit, improve your quickness, speed and agility.

Build stamina and endurance for longer matches.

Focus on mental toughness.

Develop a more disciplined approach to your table tennis training.

Want to start beating opponents who have a similar ranking to you.

Create a breakthrough skill or tactic that has been eluding you.

Want to push yourself to see what you’re truly capable of.

Try something new, different to mix up your current routine.

Have fun, but at higher level of commitment.

Put your recent coaching to the test, under match conditions.

Replace game play with an equivalent (or usually even more) effort alternative.

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