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Elanora’s Table Tennis Classes


The Elanora Table Tennis Academy is here to help you improve your table tennis skills ​in a fun, supportive and interactive setting regardless of your current skill level



These classes have been set up for players to have fun, improve fitness and develop a basic understanding of how to play the game. Players will learn the correct strokes, proper footwork as well as the different types of shots possible, basic strategies and of course the rules of the game. 


Small Group Classes allow players to practice foundational skills through restricted games and routines with others of a similar level. Please note balls and bats are provided at no extra cost. 


In our Small Group Classes, you’re guaranteed to hit 5 to 10 times more balls than you would playing socially.

Minimum skill required:

You need to have basic eye-hand coordination which means you can bounce a ball on your racket +/- 10 times and you can hit the ball back-and-forth across the table with a partner at least 3-4 times. We don’t currently offer “Learn to Play” classes for novices who have never played. If you would like a private lesson, please click here.

Small Group Classes include 4-8 players across 1 or 2 tables for players who:

  • Would like to learn how to play table tennis without worrying about holding anyone else back and being self-conscious. Everyone is there to learn and is guided by a qualified coach and maybe even assisted with a ball-feeding robot!

  • Want to have fun, socialise and meet new people, possibly hook up with other players who want to practice with them between classes!

  • Like to learn new skills in a group environment that’s not stressful.

  • Would like to learn the different strokes and variety of shots.

  • Want to get fit with some cardio exercise. Yes, these classes will have you burning quite a few calories!

  • Would like to get coaching feedback to improve quickly.

  • Would like to take their skills to the next level.

  • Want to have lessons but don't want to spend more for private lessons.

  • Are 16 years and over (younger players, please contact us about our Junior Development Programs).

Small Group Class Single

Small Group Class 5 pack
$35/Session = $175

Small Group Class 10 pack
$32.50/Session = $325


Single $30/Session

5 Pack $125 = $25/Session

10 pack $200 = $20/Session


These sessions are organised for people who don't have playing partners to play with. You can just show up and play games or drills with other players of similar standard, supervised by a coach.

Please note, this is NOT a coach-directed class with on-going feedback.

If you want coaching, please book into our
Small Group Classes or Private Lessons.

Private lesson


We offer Private Individual Lessons that are 1 on 1 with you and a coach as well as Private Group Lessons that cater for 2 to 4 players with a coach, held across 1 or 2 tables depending on the group and lesson outcomes.

Private Lessons are for players who:

  • Are looking to transform their game from a weekend recreational hobby into a competitive sport.

  • Want to accelerate their skill acquisition and technical development.

  • Prefer individualised coaching feedback based on Deliberate Practice Principles used by Olympians, Commonwealth Games Athletes, and World Champions.

Our process encompasses learning table tennis fundamentals through self-awareness, fitness and thinking about the mental aspects of the game. We do it with constant, instant feedback at the moment!

Table Tennis  Private Lesson

Table Tennis Private Group Lesson

Session times will be posted here soon:

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