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From Athletes to Artists: Discover Elanora's School Holiday Camps!

Looking for an exciting way to keep your child active and engaged over the Easter school holidays? Look no further than Elanora Squash & Fitness!

The school holidays are a golden opportunity to steer your child away from screens and into a world of active, engaging, and creative exploration.

Our program, for children aged 5-14, offers a range of fun and challenging activities to improve their fitness, coordination, and overall well-being.

Active Minds Need Active Play

We believe that active kids develop active minds, so our camps are structured around play, movement, and creativity.

  • Play: Our range of games are not just fun but also designed to teach valuable life skills like teamwork and problem-solving.

  • Move: With activities including squash, table tennis, basketball, handball, and soccer, we ensure that your child stays active and healthy, all while having a blast.

  • Create: For those with a creative streak, our camps provide an outlet for innovation and imagination through art, drama, dance, cooking, and more.

Choose Your Adventure

Whether your child is an aspiring athlete or a budding artist, we have something to capture their interest and passion. Our Multi-Sport Kids Camp offers a dynamic mix of sports to boost confidence and engagement, while our Creative Camp is a haven for children to let their imaginations run wild.

Multi Sports Kids Camp

Dive into an action-packed adventure! Our Multi-Sport Kids Camp offers a variety of sports including Squash, Table Tennis, Basketball, Handball, and Soccer. This thrilling mix is designed to boost confidence, encourage teamwork, and keep your child engaged throughout the day. Let the games begin and watch as your child discovers new passions and talents!

  • 9 AM - 3 PM

  • Lunch Included

  • Early drop off & late pick up available (8-9am, 3-5pm)

  • Active Kids $50 Vouchers Redemption

Creative Camp

Spark your child's creativity at our Creative Camp! This magical haven is where art, imagination, and fun blend to create an extraordinary adventure. From painting and sculpting to drama and dance, this camp encourages children to express themselves and explore their artistic potential. Let the creativity flow and witness the joy as they bring their ideas to life!

  • 9 AM - 3 PM

  • Lunch Included

  • Early drop off & late pick up available (8-9am, 3-5pm)

  • Creative Kids $50 Vouchers Redemption

Limited Spots Available

Spots in our holiday camps are limited to ensure each child receives the attention and care they deserve. Secure your child’s place today and give them a holiday experience filled with joy, learning, and unforgettable memories.

Vouchers Help to Boost Kids' Activities

Thanks to the Active and Creative Kids Voucher Program, eligible families can receive financial support towards the cost of our camps. This initiative makes our sports, creative, and cultural activities more accessible.

Don't let your child spend their holiday sitting in front of a screen - sign them up for Elanora Squash & Fitness today!

For prices and to book, visit our Holiday Camps page.

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